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Don’t think I brought any other sizes but obviously I make them for two-inch and three inches just glue it on the end oaf piece of pipe and it caps off that that run so for example maybe if you’re thinking of putting another fixture or some other kind of toilet or a new toilet or an addition or something inland you you you put a a pipe heading that way so that you can easily tie into later you can put this cap on it and glue it and then when you get ready to install you just cut the cap off at the pipe and then glue.

A you know Union nor whatever and continue on with that run in the future there also use a lot when you’re doing your testing and we’ll talk about that before we’re done today-again couplings for joining two pieces of pipe together it’ll basically take apiece of pipe on either side you glue it in there and you can you end up with essentially one piece of pipe and Could put another one on the end therein it just for joining two pieces of pipe together very common you’ll use a lot of them reducers there’s two kind of reducers there’s a reducing coupling which this one here will go from three to two obviously three is on this side-and two.

is on this side and another way to do the same thing it’s with a bushing so this would go in the end of the this will go in a fitting now let’s say you had this but you wanted to connect a two inch to it you would glue this in and then you would attach it your glue your inch into that so you could either do it that way or you could do it with the other kind of fitting but you would need a short piece of pipe to connect together because I don’t make street reducing-adapters like that so you need a short piece of pipe and then.

The reducer so if you’re going to you know if you’re going to go immediately from a fitting you could use the bushing if it’s just along piece of pipe or something you could use the other kind of reducer both are available in in all the different sizes of pipe test caps we’ll talk about testing the test cap is a really lightweight and I know I brought.


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